Q: What is Infinite Power?
A: Infinte Power serves two concepts. First is a smart contract on the Ethereum Block Chain that handles code to complete transfers automatically without need of staff services. Second is to provide traffic with advertising text ad packages for your other products and services not associated with Infinite Power.

Q: What kind of ether wallet should I use?
A: There are two most widely used which is Metamask or Trustwallet. Metamask is the one most recommended for marketers who use their computer desktop or laptops. Trustwallet is used for Iphones and Android cell phones.

Q: What are Spill Overs?
A: Spillovers occurs when a new member registers for an upline, in which the first level is filled by two participants. The next new member falls into the structure of this upline below, in the nearest free place.
Example: Your 1 line upline invited 2 partners and continued to invite further. His 3-th partner "spills over" to the next person that does not have their 2 referrals inside their sponsored network.

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q. Can I earn without referring anyone?
A: Yes, you can earn without referring from spillover. However our system is designed to maximize income not referrals so the system will fill in by level first, than referral. So if member 10 refers 11, and 12, and 11 refers 2 (13,14) direct, then the spill over for member 15 will go to 12 for level 1 but when 15 upgrades to level 2 if 13,14 have not upgraded to level 2 yet this will go to member 11 to fill member 11's level 2 spot. This keeps the system from having holes in the compensation plan. It is best for every member to do their part to refer 2 direct personal sales of advertising space.
(recommendation: if you have your 2 then help those two get 2 direct sales also)

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Each member is an independent sale representative and 100% commissions go to the sales rep for your purchase of advertising space. No money is kept on site therefore all sales are final. When you register and purchase your space, you are buying "AS IS" and subject to agreement as such. If you have made a purchase and was not credited properly please submit a support ticket with ethereum blockchain transaction ID receipt (original screen shot only) and an investigation will be conducted to determine course of action.

Q: What do we accept as proof of payment?
A: We only accept the Transaction Hash ID copied and pasted into support ticket or direct email. We will not accept screen shots or photos or any other proof unless we request it from you personally. THI's are stamped proof of payment within the blockchain that can't be forged or altered.

Q: How do I join using metamask?
A: First you must download metamask from this link https://metamask.io using Chrome or Firefox. Once that is complete you need to fund your metamask wallet with a minimum of 0.035 ether to cover gas transaction fees and registration. After funding press the join button after using the member's referral link you were given. After you press join then press the pay with metamask button. Infinite Power will then ask your permission to connect to your metamask wallet to provide instant payments to you. Press confirm. Then press pay with metamask one more time to initiate payment and confirm amount to be paid. Once redirected you will be ask to enter in your details and confirm your email. You will also be given a temporary password to allow you access to the system. Make sure to update all your information in the profile tab. Be patient when paying. Your account will process as soon as payment is received from blockchain. If their is an issue please contact support and provide your "transaction hash ID" and last 4 digits of your Ether address used to join.

Q: How do I pay using Trust Wallet?
A: First you must download the Trust Wallet App on your Android or Iphone. Once downloaded fund your trust wallet with a minimum of 0.035 Eth to cover registration and gas transaction fee. There are no admin fees. Once you have your account funded, then using the referral link you were given press the join button on the site. You will be prompted to choose how to pay, choose Trust Wallet. It will then give you a link for you to put in the address bar inside your Trust Wallet Dapp Then follow the onscreen instructions. make sure to fill in all fields that you are prompted for. Phone number is optioinal. Take your time and do not rush what for confirmation of payment. If you have an issue please contact support with your transaction hash Id and last 4 digits of your Eth address you used during sign up.

Q: If my level upgrade or registration of my account is deleted after 30 minutes for not paying,  but blockchain takes longer than 30 minutes to confirm my payment, what happens then?
A: That is an easy fix, just contact support with your Transaction Hash ID and user ID number and follow the instructions of support.